10 Ways My Husband Blesses Me

10. He kisses me when we say goodbye
Even if it is the only time we have physical contact during the day, he never leaves without a kiss. Whether it is off to work, or the store, or on a walk with the kids, I always get a goodbye kiss.RIch and Charity Hep Cats9. He plays with our kids
When I am done, and have no more to give, I know that he will wrestle, play legos, watch “My Little Pony” or “Pokemon” (or at least snooze on the couch while the kids watch). He doesn’t act like it is a burden, because he loves them.



8. He does the dishes
Seriously, 9 out of 10 times the dishwasher gets loaded, my wonderful husband is the one who loaded and started it. It may not always happen according to my timetable, or the way I would like to hover and nitpick over, but it is DONE! And let’s face it, done is so much more important than perfect.


7. He takes the morning shift
I have chronic migraine, and sleep is one of the things that has to be consistent so that I can function. This means that for our second and third kids, hubs has taken the night and early morning shift. When our 2-year-old wakes up at 5:30, he’s the one who snuggles our toddler back to sleep or takes him downstairs to play.

Daddy, Bella, GaterBW

6. He works hard
My husband loves his job and works hard in a position that is often taken for granted. He takes every opportunity to do his job well and serve in his workplace.

5. He listens
When I need to talk, he listens, even when my frustration is with him. He doesn’t shut down, ignore me, or walk away. He doesn’t trivialize my worries, or try to fix everything. He knows sometimes all I need is to say what is on my mind.




4. If I ask, he says “yes”
When I need a date, he plans one. When I want a book, he laughs and tells me to buy it. When I need some space, he provides it. When I ask, and it is within his power to fulfill my request, he says yes.



3. He’s faithful
I don’t have to worry about wandering eyes or heart with him. I feel safe and secure in his love.


2. He doesn’t pick fights
Perhaps more importantly, he doesn’t rise to the occasion when I try to pick a fight with him, either. He is not interested in winning, unless it means winning together.


1. He loves me
So far, you might think I have described a perfect man. He isn’t perfect, but he loves me and this is how he shows me his love every day. Paul charged men to love their wives as Christ loved the Church. This is the love that my husband lives out every single day. He didn’t have a pattern of love to follow from his own family. He didn’t read the best selling marriage manual for advice. He doesn’t always get it right, but he patterns his love after Christ.

Being blessed every day by the man I love,
now that’s ReFreshing!


Set Apart

It’s Holy Week and that leaves me pondering holiness.

To be holy is to be set apart for a singular sacred purpose.

With the way that everything is so mixed up and messy in our lives, what really remains dedicated to a singular purpose let alone a sacred one?

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time even dedicating my attention to a singular purpose. I don’t think I┬árecall anything I completed this week while doing absolutely nothing else. My time, attention, and life are full of multi-tasking to the point that I wonder if I have a bit of a distraction addiction. (While I am typing this, I have Netflix streaming in another window.)

In the middle of all this distraction and busyness, though, part of me longs for holiness. I long for a singular dedicated purpose that is set apart from the daily grind. I long for a deeper connection that brings fulfillment and peace. This requires a whole-hearted devotion–turning over my priorities and letting them be reshaped by a higher agenda. Even when that agenda is love, joy, and peace, I resist. It is easier to redefine the term, and turn holiness into a list of things to do and do not.

What is meant to be a life-giving turns into a dead set of practices.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

God is always issuing an open invitation to find rest in him, but it is not always easy to respond. I have my list-making habit to lay aside. My list of things that, once finished, will make me worthy. My list of things that, once finished, will impress others. My list of things that, once finished, will mean that my children will not grow up dysfunctional, and my husband will never leave, and my church community will grow exponentially…

The truth is that my lists are long and impossible. I will never finish them, and if I wait until I prove myself worthy, I will never begin to pursue the Holy.

And besides, God never waited for anyone to attain perfection before knocking on their door. Read any story in the Bible and you will find desperately flawed people going about their daily lives when a holy God shows up. The reason their stories are in the book is that they accepted his invitation to live with a new, sacred purpose.

I can hear God knocking.

I think I will say yes. Flawed as I am. Distracted as I seem to be. I will take time–even just a few minutes–to seek the One who is able to produce holiness in me.

Now that’s ReFreshing.