New Year, New Challenges, Let’s Do This!

My 2016 has begun with troublesome symptoms and not so great news from the doctor. I have been experiencing heart palpitations. This would not necessarily be such a bad thing, but lately they have come almost every day. Scariest of all have been a few times when I have felt them while running. So I called the doctor.

My visit was routine, blood tests and a heart monitor for 24 hours were ordered. I got right in for the monitor, and the next day my test results came back. Everything was great, except my cholesterol. My LDL levels made it to the rare “Very High” category. I always wanted to be a high achiever, but this is not what I meant. Currently I am waiting to schedule an appointment with a cardiologist.

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You have to understand a few things to know why
this is gigantically challenging for me.

First, I eat healthier than probably 90% of people I know. I am a weekday vegetarian, maybe consuming meat twice a week. I don’t use a lot of butter and cheese, although ice cream and I have had a long and beautiful friendship.

Second, I am active. I run, last year I had a blast doing 2+ hours a week of cardio between Aqua Zumba and walking with a good friend. Right now I am training for my second half marathon, my first was about 18 months ago.

Third, I am only 36 years old. I have three beautiful children, and a wonderful husband of 17 1/2 years. My life is full of wonderful good things.

Fourth, and finally, my resting heart rate is under 60bpm, and my blood pressure always around 117/67. The thought that I might have already started down the road to coronary artery disease is unfathomable.

But here I am.

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I am Warrior-Woman-ing up and facing this challenge head-on.

My weapons in this fight are as follows:path
*Near-vegan eating, with the exception of fish oil,
*Losing 15 pounds,
*Fish oil,
*Hemp oil,
*Continuing to train for my half marathon in March,
and I am going to start drinking regularly. No, seriously, red wine every day.

My hope is to turn the tide, rebuff the advancing artery-clogging plaque, and win.

Wish me luck. Pray for strength.

Facing the truth, forming a plan, following through.
Challenging, but ReFreshing