Twelve Days of Christmas Devotions for the Christmas Season

It’s been a rough year. I go back and forth between being ready to celebrate, and ready to hibernate until spring has sprung and the vaccine has begun wide distribution. Celebrating may not come naturally, so I will have to choose to engage it intentionally.

You’re Doing It WRONG–Pandemic Redux

I was reviewing some memories on social media this morning and I came across this post. It still rings really true for me three years later, and I wanted to revise and revive it a bit, and add a paragraph acknowledging our current state of being. Right now the last thing we need is toContinue reading “You’re Doing It WRONG–Pandemic Redux”


Leaving the Ninety-nine

“For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice,the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.”Hosea 6:6 Jesus quotes this verse twice in the Gospel of Matthew. He brings it out first when criticized for eating with “tax collectors and sinners,” and again when criticized for his disciples eating raw grain plucked in the field onContinue reading “Leaving the Ninety-nine”

What do you see?

It must be Mondays. Or maybe it’s because of the extra advertising for the holiday season. Whatever the cause, I’ve been struck today by the number of social media posts I’ve seen that address self-image. Beloved friends bemoaning their appearance. Reminders that grit and balance and kindness are more important than outer beauty. Ads withContinue reading “What do you see?”

New Year, New Adventures (aka I published a book!)

I am so excited about the release of my new book, Quaker Queries for All Seasons! In the book you will find 60 spiritual questions to guide us through a new year of seeking to grow in our Christ-centered faith. It is available in both paperback as well as Kindle ebook. If you’d like toContinue reading “New Year, New Adventures (aka I published a book!)”

5 Ways to Not be a Jerk this Christmas

Holidays are stressful! Sometimes it is all we can do to hold ourselves together and maintain our status as civilized humans. Everything is pressure-filled, schedules are packed, people are living on caffeine and sugar. It all just leads to a gigantic case of the Christmas Crankies! Here are some ways you can resist the temptationContinue reading “5 Ways to Not be a Jerk this Christmas”

Have the Christmas You Have

For all my lovely friends who struggle at Christmas time, I want to offer this phrase: Have the Christmas You Have. Christmas is a time of joy and laughter and tradition. It’s also a time of sadness, depression, loneliness, frustration, conflict, guilt, comparison…and every other possible emotion or experience. Just as every day is differentContinue reading “Have the Christmas You Have”

When the rain falls and the floods rise

Into every life a little rain must fall. These words paraphrased from a Longfellow poem have been ringing in my ears today. It isn’t raining here, actually it’s been kind of a dry week. But I feel the rain. Many of my friends and family are also feeling the rain today; this week holds manyContinue reading “When the rain falls and the floods rise”