All the blogging tips say, “Open with something interesting.” But mostly I think about how that will defeat the purpose of communicating with you honestly. As a pastor, trust me, I know the pressure to have something snappy to say at all times as though I must be a walking copy of “Irrelevant, Pat Answers to Everyday Situations.” The truth is that I am still in the process of learning how to live and live well. I want to invite you on that quest with me, the quest for the ReFreshing Life.

That is why I am blogging, to explore the issues of everyday living and share with you what I am learning. Sometimes those posts will have faith elements and sometimes not. This is not primarily a blog of sermons or Bible study. What you will (hopefully) find is a record of the life of this disciple, living by the principles of my faith and open to learning how to live in such a way as to bring health, vitality, and freshness to every part of my life.


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