Vacation Report- Grand Canyon

   We spent one day at the Grand Canyon. I would highly recommend setting aside at least one whole day, if not 2 or 3. We started at the visitors center, picking up the kids’ Junior Ranger Booklets. Our group was made up of 8 adults and 9 kids under the age of 12. We knew that we would not be making any long treks to the bottom, and pre-planning our trip revealed that there are a series of shuttle buses inside the park that will take you almost anywhere you want to go in the park for FREE! The shuttles allowed us to travel as a group and saved our little ones’ feet from having to walk everywhere.

The cost for our trip: packed lunches, $30 park entrance per car, $15 ice cream cones for our family of 5. Not too shabby considering all of the views!

20150810_085430 DSC01775We took the shuttle to Yavapai Point and Geology Museum, then hiked the rim trail to Shrine of the Ages where we hopped the shuttle again to Bright Angel Lodge.



We walked through the village and had ice cream, took the shuttle back to the entrance where we parked and drove out to the Desert View Watchtower. DSC01865

DSC01878My “We visited the Grand Canyon and none of my kids jumped off the edge” smile. Safety makes this mom happy!

DSC01893DSC01890Our girls took advantage of the Ranger Program at Tusayan Ruins,
completing their Junior Ranger badges.



A day at the Grand Canyon:
completely manageable, completely affordable, completely magnificent!


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