Imperfection and The First Day of School…

Moms, we’ve got to cut it out. I am serious. There are so many ways in which we compare ourselves to others unfairly as we send the kids back to school. Social media makes it oh so much more complicated and tempting, but we must band together and RESIST!

Here are some confessions which will totally ease your guilt this year.

1. My kids showered the night before the first day of school, and my husband being in charge because I was in bed sick with walking pneumonia and a migraine, did not make them wash their hair because it was washed the day before. Didn’t even sniff them before they walked out the door. You are welcome.

2. I didn’t take a first day of school photo with my 6th grader on her actual first day because it was only a half day orientation for new students at the middle school. Skipped it. You are welcome.

3. I didn’t actually take any first day of school photos. I handed my husband my phone and said, “Go take a pic with both girls at the bus stop” as I stepped in the shower at 8:20 still trying to shake my 3-day headache. He complied, what a wonderful man. So the photo on facebook, totally not my handiwork. Delegated. You are welcome.

4. Misread the school supply list when back to school shopping 3 weeks ago. So proud of myself until the night before school started and we were packing the backpacks. Yep, last minute trip to Staples the night before school started. In a panic. Made the salesperson climb a ladder to get down the cheap  on sale erasers so that I could save a buck fifty. Last minute shopping. You are welcome.

5. My kids are totally able to pick out their own clothes. I told them to do so the night before. Yay me. Absolutely did not check on their selections. Did not see them before they were walking out the door. Yep. Both wore t-shirts at least a year old. One daughter took hand-warmers that are supposed to go under gloves when it is snowing and decided they are a fashion statement. No cute matchy outfits, not even new ones to start the school year. You are welcome.

Why is this confession so important? We have got to realize there is a lot going on behind those back to school pictures. Not everyone has it all together, in fact probably none of us do. (And if you do, we love you and rejoice with you, but please keep it to yourself, mm-k?)

Back to school confessions bring camaraderie when we need it most.
Now that’s ReFreshing!

What is your back to school confession?


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