People in the credits

I watched a movie today. As soon as the credits began to roll, my daughter wanted to get up and leave. The movie was over, the credit extras had rolled. Why stick around and watch the boring names scroll by?

The stars get the headlines, but there would be no production without the hundreds of names in the credits. We often undervalue the contribution of people who work behind the scenes. Once I was fortunate enough to sit through a screening of a film with the men and women who had made the movie possible with graphics, editing, lighting, music, even grips and assistants. They sat through the credits. All of them. And applauded. No headliners were in the room, but those who worked behind the scenes congratulated each other on the fruits of their hard work.

Most of us don’t get to headline. We work behind the scenes at banks, behind counters, at stores, sweeping up after the headliners, and we think we don’t matter. The truth is that without each person doing his or her part, we would get nowhere in society. I heard once that the greatest contributors to our health and well-being are the trash collectors.

Next time we watch them go by, we should applaud. We should put them in parades. We should celebrate the great work they do to make our cities livable, instead of disease ridden dumps. And we should celebrate each other. Don’t let an opportunity pass you by to encourage those behind the scenes workers. Thank your bank teller and look her in the eye. Thank your drive-thru server and treat him like a person. If we could do this, imagine how much nicer it would be to live in our world.

Don’t get up and leave during the credits, watch the names roll by and say a prayer of thanksgiving for all of the people, who often go unnamed, who make your life possible.

A ReFreshing thought.


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