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On my mind again today.

ReFreshing Life

Compassion seems to be a difficult thing these days. As strange as it seems with all of our ability to stay connected to people around the globe, that connection does not reach our hearts.

Reading a celebratory post or tweet inspires jealousy of rather than rejoicing with a friend. Pausing at a tragic post may provoke a near-tearful 10 seconds before we move on to the dancing cats lolzing about dogs and cheeseburger. All of our access seems to have shut off our ability to feel with the life experiences of others.

I can’t count the number of blogs I have read about people’s frustration with image-crafting on social media, or complaints about one cause getting buzz with a hashtag while the blogger’s cause goes unnoticed. While I would never claim that people don’t filter their social media lives, for many this happens unintentionally. I don’t know many people IRL…

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