Kids, a.k.a. In Summer!

Once again school is out, and we are rebooting our Pick Five chore system. Here is the skinny on last year’s stroke of genius that got us through a summer of my working full time from home with three kids (10, 7, not quite 2 years old) and keeping my sanity!
Still a great system, and still adding refreshment by the score to my life. Enjoy!

ReFreshing Life

It is already summer vacation here. The last day of school was May 22nd and so we now have 3 children again. All. Day. Long. I know at least some of you out there are feeling my pain with 10 weeks of summer break, the need to work from home, and a spouse who is working and going to school. This summer was looking to be a huge panic-inducing mess until I had a moment of divinely inspired brilliance (let’s face it, where else would it come from?) and created an activity system for our girls to use that basically allows them to manage their own time and chores, and guarantees that something will be accomplished at the end of the day (even if it is just enough to save my sanity).

We have all done chore charts, right? In our house, countless chore charts have been created, strictly followed…

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