Top Reasons Why Jimmy Fallon Is A Grown-Up’s Mickey Mouse

1. He’s always happy to see everyone.
Mickey greets his audience with, “Hi, everybody! Wanna come with me to my clubhouse?”
Jimmy may not have a clubhouse, but he still pours on the love. “This is a hot crowd! I love you, too!”

2. He helps you learn all the cool things kids your age need to know.
Mickey helps you learn shapes and colors, and basic problem solving skills.
Jimmy helps you learn what blockbuster movies and musical albums are coming out, and more complex problem solving skills–like how to function with manikin arms.

3. Everyone is his pal.
Enough said.

4. He talks to the people on the other side of the camera and expects them to respond.
Mickey pauses while kids respond.
Jimmy waits for them to tweet and reads them on the air the next day.

5. He has his own theme song that even a toddler can sing.
“Hey, hey, hey, hey…” sing The Roots.
“Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…” sing Mickey’s pals.

6. He’s always got the happiest smile, and it makes you smile, too. All. Day. Long.

7. His friends are always willing to participate in the craziest adventures.
Jimmy talks his friends into lipsync contests, egg roulette, face balls, lip flip, and box of lies…and all without using any Mouseketools.

8. Silly dance steps are staple material.
Goofey flaps his arms, Daisey has her own dance for the talent contest, but Jimmy has the history of mom dance.

Knowing we have our own grown-up version of Mickey, now that’s Refreshing!


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