Prayer in the Face of Terror

Creator of all things, Savior of the world, we bring to you our hearts wounded and broken by sin–our own actions and the actions of others that ignore the wholeness and peace you offer and seek to create our own good.

We lay before you our sadness in having witnessed the deaths, the martyrdom, of 21 of your servants. We will remember the witness of their lives, that your love is greater than death.

We lay before you our fear of persecution, and we pray for those who committed this act of terror. They are also your creation, and our hearts break with the breaking of your heart at the evil in which they have rejoiced. Shed your light on them and bring them to a change of heart and mind that sets aside death and destruction, to embraces your life and healing grace.

We lay before you our desire to live in safety and ignore the cross. Call us to a faith that produces love–a love that lays down its life for its friends and its enemies. Teach us to love our enemies and pray for those who would use us for their own purposes.

Give us wisdom to see the danger of complacency in the face of injustice–particularly the injustice we perpetuate.

Light our path and enlighten our hearts so that we will have light and life and grace to offer those around us.

May we embody the love that did not seek its own good or its own safety but left all that was comfortable to walk in the dust of our world to bring us shalom–peace and wholeness in every aspect of life.

In Christ Jesus our Lord, Savior, and Great Example, let it be so.



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