Ta-da Lists

One day as I was browsing through my Newsfeed on Facebook, I saw a friend’s post about having a productive day. I misread her actual words, though, thinking she had written, “I have already crossed several things off of my ta-da list for the day.”

Ta-da list? That can’t be right.

And it wasn’t. She had written to-do list like any other reasonable person, but I felt that my misunderstanding had potential.

Why not use a ta-da list? It would put the emphasis on what you accomplish as you cross things off instead of what still remains to be done. A ta-da list would be a list of little victories throughout the day instead of a list of burdensome tasks still to be completed.

Ta Da List

So I resolved right then and there to stop making to-do lists and make only ta-da lists from that day forward, shouting “Ta-Da!” every time I crossed something off… I have not actually been successful in carrying out that resolution, but I am determined to give it another try.

Will you join me in making everyday tasks a little more uplifting by celebrating all of
your ta-da’s as you go? I hope so.

How refreshing!



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