Cheesy Acronyms to the Rescue

I was talking with someone I love and care about this weekend and he expressed that while he knew the truth about a frustrating dilemma in his life, he wasn’t sure how to apply it practically.

This is the trouble with a lot of issues we face, right? We may know that we are worth more than our successes and failures, or that we need to readjust our attitudes about life or family or work or self, but it is hard to know how to apply those changes in a way that impacts our daily lives.

As much as I have despised the practice in the past, there is something about boiling down a plan of attack into an easy to remember word or phrase. Whether through alliteration or the ever-ready acronym, these cheesy mnemonic devices help us take tests in school and remember work protocols as adults. But they are cheesy. And I hate them.

But they work, so what do you do?

I have grudgingly decided to embrace them.

So, for attitude adjustments in general I have devised a useful acronym to help myself and others put into practice what we know to be true.

Time to take a TRIP

T-Tell yourself the truth. Whatever truth you are trying to implement in your life, remind yourself where it comes from. I spoke in a previous post about particular Mind Pirates that I face. In general, I struggle with people-pleasing and anxiety related to a nagging feeling of everyone’s disapproval. At these times of struggle, I remind myself that: I was created in the image of God; I am responsible for being faithful to love Him and others; God’s approval is the only one that truly matters.

R-Reality Check. Sometimes we see through a distorted lens and need a fresh perspective from someone who loves us in order to see reality. Ask someone close to you to help with a fresh point of view regarding whatever you are struggling with. (For me it is often the case that not everyone is even thinking of me, let alone disapproving.)

I-Intentionality. Take the truth about who you are, and the reality check you have just been given and decide what one or two (if any) things you can do to either correct a previous wrong or to handle situations better in the future.

P-Prayer. For me, because I place my value in being loved by God, I find my grounding in both speaking and listening in prayer. Pouring out my frustrations and seeking guidance outside myself in One who loves me unconditionally gives me peace and grace to meet challenges head-on.

I hope you can fend off the mind pirates you face today.

You are infinitely loved and valued!

What a refreshing thought.


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