Snowy Days

After 8 inches of snow fell in our town earlier this week, we have enjoyed two gloriously lazy snow days.

At first I contemplated all of the projects we could complete since we would have all of the members of the family at home with no agenda. Ah, the clutter and bins and boxes that could be sorted. Oh, the purging and cleaning and re-arranging we could accomplish. But then on the first morning of our snow-cation I realized what a gift it could be just to hang out as a family.

With our schedules being so hectic, overlapping with work and school and more work and sprinkled with activities, a day or two of rest were just what the doctor ordered.

Instead of sorting, I hooked my 10-year-old on the Anne of Green Gables movie series. 

Instead of scrubbing, we sat at the table and discussed our favorite things about snow days.

The girls have played. The toddler has relished having the attention of sisters and both parents. It has been great.

And, in the end, we have actually done some scrubbing. It may not be what I originally dreamed, but it’s enough to keep us moving in the right direction. All in all it has been a blessing of rest and relaxation. To think, I almost missed it by filling it with extra projects!

I hope you find some unexpected refreshment this week!


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