‘Tis a Gift to be Simple

Some days it seems like my world is buried in layers of complexity so thick that I can’t breath!

Let me start by saying that I am so grateful for everything that has been made possible by scientific and technological advances in the past few decades. I mean, seriously, here I am writing a blog in my pajamas drinking coffee and eating cold cereal with almond milk. None of this would be possible without some pretty amazing ingenuity on the part of so many people.

That being said, there are so many things that are possible, but we have added all of these possible things to our lives while forgetting to ask “Is it necessary?” and “Does it bring me joy?” So much is possible, but do we need to do every possible thing?

No finger pointing, I am the worst at this!

Let me explain…no, there is too much, let me sum it up:
I am the mother of 3 children, the wife of 1 man (who is working half-time and pursuing a masters degree), the pastor of a church with 50 souls under my care, and sometimes I teach yoga to mommies and expectant mommies. Not bad, you say? But wait, there’s more.

Technology has invaded our house and found welcome victims. In our house are a laptop, a net book, a Kindle Fire, an iPod, an iPad, and several smaller devices. We have a tv, blue ray player, dvd player, and wii, all internet connected so that we can have constant Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon media in our eyes/ears. Forget peace and quiet, I’ll just have some peace please.


All this, and I know that we have made strides to keep it simple in our lives and household. Here are the positives: we don’t have smart phones so there is actual time when we are not connected to the matrix; we only let our children pick one activity at a time (currently it’s community youth choir and junior choir); I take a whole day off every week; we have limited the technology devices by only having 1 tv (don’t judge just because we use all of the other devices with screens to watch internet content).

This all still falls into the doable category, but I haven’t even told you what I love to do.

I love to run. I love to read. I love to sew. I love to be creative. I love to write novels. I love to spend sunny afternoons in the shade sipping lemonade…

But I don’t get to do those things because of all the other stuff in my life.

This could be the end. I could lament and move on. BUT I know I still have some choices. I can shut off the noise and read a book instead of surfing facebook. I can take a walk or go for a run with my son in the jog stroller I have for just such an activity. I can push aside all of the possible for what is necessary and what brings me joy!

So today, I will set my intention to ask these questions and let the answers set my priorities!

What is necessary in your life? What brings you joy? What can you set aside to live a more Refreshing Life?


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